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Butterfly Sriver EL Table Tennis Rubber

    Butterfly Sriver EL Table Tennis Rubber

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    Brand: Butterfly
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    Speed: 10                             Spin: 8
    Control: 8.3                            Hardness: 35°
    Type: pips-in

    Thickness : Max 

    • Sriver EL combines SRIVER's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge. This softer sponge allows you to generate more spin without using a power swing.
    • It used to be that Sriver was available in two varieties, Sriver and Sriver FX. The difference between the two can be found in the sponge layer. Sriver comes with a medium hard sponge that can produce a wide range of both spin and speed. Sriver FX comes with a softer sponge especially designed for the use of speed glues. When used with Butterfly Chack, Sriver FX produces a soft glue feel with great speed on short strokes. A great benefit for the technical type of player, perfect for loop off the bounce strokes.
    • Top Butterfly players have asked for a Sriver rubber that would feature the best of both Sriver and Sriver FX's qualities. They wanted a rubber that would give them the soft glue feel of Sriver FX on their blocks and reloops as well as the raw power of Sriver. After extensive testing, Butterfly technicians has produced a rubber that has since become very popular with our touring players, Sriver EL. - The secret of Sriver EL can be found in its sponge which lies half way between the soft sponge of Sriver FX and the medium hard sponge of Sriver. This small difference can produce the best from both worlds and make a major change in your game.