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Donic Persson Seven Blade  + Donic Blues T1 Rubbers x 2

Donic Persson Seven Blade + Donic Blues T1 Rubbers x 2

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SKU: Combi_024
Weight: 400 grams
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Brand: Donic
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This combination is for one piece Donic Persson Seven Table Tennis Blade + 2 pieces Donic Blues T1 Rubbers (Red x1 and Black x1), we will assmble the rubber and side taped with Donic Side Tape. If you wish to assemble by your self, please let us know.


Recommendation: for intermediate level player (Donic Persson Seven is a 7 ply blade with fast speed) 

1). Donic Baum Esprit Table Tennis Blade Specification:

Handle type : FL


Control: 7

Weight: ~90 g

Layer: 7 Ply

Elasticity: nearly stiff 

  • Donic Baum Esprit Table Tennis Blade (OFF)
  • Donic "Legend & Future Series blade.
  • The blade of the reigning European Finalist, Patrick Baum. 
  • The artificial Aramid-Carbon fibre in combination with high quality woodplies ensure a precise ball return and outstanding offensive quality to the blade.
  • In addition to being very fast, the Baum Esprit ensures maximum ball control in every playing situation. It is particularly suited for counter top-spinning and for touch play.
  • This blade is ideal for attackers who value spin but require sufficient speed from their strokes.
2). Donic Blues T1 Table Tennis Rubber Specification:
Control : 6
Speed: 10
Spin: 10+
Hardness: Medium
Surface: Spin-Elast
  • DONIC Blues T1 Table Tennis Rubber
  • It is often the minor points, not the major ones that are decisive in a win or loss. The player who has made the fewest mistakes usually emerges as the winner. A new rubber has now been produced in Germany specifically for this purpose: Blues T1. 
  • This new development combines the easy ball control of classic rubbers with the speed of the modern game. 
  • The secret of Blues T1 is that it has a large pored and medium hard sponge but a reduced speed glue effect which hugely reduces simple errors. Let your opponent make the mistakes!
  • Blues T1 is suitable for controlled attacking play or for the classic allround game.
  • This rubbe is soft and light weight, easy to match with most of the blades no matter its harder or softer version blades.
  • Made in Germany