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Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade
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    Donic Waldner OFF World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade

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    Brand: Donic
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    Control 8
    Speed 9+, 
    Category: Off-/Off, 
    Elasticity: semi-rigid
    Thickness of ply: 6.9 mm
    Weight: 85 g
    Ply: 7 ply (5 Wood + 2 Zylon Carbon):
    3.0 mm Kiri
    Carbonfleece- Zylon
    0.8 mm Spruce
    1.0 mm Spruce

    • DONIC Waldner OFF World Champion 89 Table Tennis Blade 
    • Spruce Pressing Technology (SPT) "Made in Germany". Our finest quality, produced by top craftsman in honour of the Swedish legends.
    • The new World Champion 89 blade series is exceptional. It celebrates the 25th anniversary of Sweden winning the World Championships Team title in Dortmund in 1989 (in a historic 5-0 final win against China).
    • DONIC is exclusively producing three new blades in Germany, in honour of the legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Jörgen Persson and Mikael Appelgren. Hand crafted and employing the most modern precision and technical know-how, in acknowledgement of the supreme mastery with which the Swedish Superstars played.
    • All three models have incorporated an Italian Spruce ply which is over 200 years old. This is combined with a 3mm strong centre veneer of Kiri and for the Appelgren All+ model, Ayous combined with a new Carbonfleece Zylong webbing (CF2), exclusive for DONIC.
    • Only the finest saw plies of our own production are being used. These are more stable than the usual knife plies and are a guarantee that the blade retains its playing characteristics without the normal deterioration.
    • A specially developed drying procedure reduces the moisture content of all three types of blade from 12 to 16% to only 4%, resulting in a stable and light blade (Waldner and Persson blades weighing approx. 85g and the Appelgren All+ blade only 80g approx.) Each individual blade is subjected to a special cold press for 24 hours.
    • The employment of our unique 3D-technology and the most recent bio technology ensures that the handle is in perfect shape.
    • This is a fast blade but with great feel and ease of control. Designed for players who require a balance between speed and control.
    • Top workmanship, made in Germany.