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Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Table Tennis Blade

Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Table Tennis Blade

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SKU: bladeYSK006
Weight: 350 grams
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Brand: Yasaka
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Handle: Flared (FL)


Speed: 18+
Control: 15
Ply: 5 wood + 2 carbon
Weight: 88g ±

  • Since several years Ma Lin belongs to the really World Top players.
  • Ma is very professional in his attitude to table tennis and he is very demanding regarding his equipment. After many years of successful
    play with Yasaka EXTRA Ma asked for a faster blade, but still with the feeling he needs for the blocking and backhand top spin.
  • After Ma’s advice and ideas, Yasaka developed the Ma Lin CARBON, which corresponds to the demand of the top level players.

    • Medium weight – around 88 grams for shakehand
    • Powerful, but not without a good ball feel
    • Relatively thin construction, but without vibrations

  • Due to a selection of the wooden veneers and carbon together with the very specialized gluing method between the wood and
    the carbon material – Yasaka could reach a result that satisfied Ma Lin and several other top players
  • Made in Sweden