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Butterfly Primorac Table Tennis blade (OFF-) + Sriver Table Tennis Rubbers x2

Butterfly Primorac Table Tennis blade (OFF-) + Sriver Table Tennis Rubbers x2

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SKU: combi_002
Weight: 400 grams
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Brand: Butterfly
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This listing is for One piece of Butterfly Primorac Blade & TWO pieces Butterfly Sriver Rubbers (Red x1 & Black x1). This combination will be assembled-glued and side taped (*Please let us know if you prefer to assemble the rubbers by yourself). Besides Sriver, you can choose Sriver EX and Sriver FX  for combination.


Recommendatio: for beginner or preliminary level player.


1). Butterfly Primorac Table Tennis Blade(OFF-)

Handle : Flared (FL)



Speed: 7.5

Control: 7.8

Ply: 5 Plywood

Weight: 86g ±

Feel: Medium 

  • Butterfly Primorac table tennis blade (OFF-).
  • It's African wood (Limba) allows the ball to stay on the racket longer providing good feel and control.
  • A good all-around offensive blade. Compact head-size. BTY's best selling blade of 1995.
  • The Butterfly Primorac blade is often one of the blades recommended to new players when they want to buy their first "Custom Blade" without rubbers.
  • Primorac blade has good feel and control, without being too fast for players still developing their technique. Generally considered to be a 'can't go wrong' first blade.
  • Made in Japan.


2). Butterfly Sriver Table Tennis Rubber

Speed: 10
Spin: 8
Control: 8.2
Hardness: 38°
Type: pips-in 

  1. The most successful and the most popular Butterfly Rubber.
  2. The combination of a relatively hard and spinny surface with a medium and flexible sponge makes SRIVER an explosively offensive rubber or an easy-to-vary and controlled all round rubber
  3. Balance between speed and spin. According to Butterfly: "The most popular rubber of all-time". No other rubber is capable of producing such a wide range of spin and speed. Butterfly SRIVER has all the "Gears" and is used by almost every style player at the world-class level.
  4. Made in Japan

Color : Red and Black

Thickness : Max & 2.1mm (depends on availability)