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Butterfly Liu Shiwen Table Tennis Blade

Butterfly Liu Shiwen Table Tennis Blade

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SKU: blade0052
Weight: 350 grams
Stock: Out of stock

Brand: Butterfly
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Handle: Flared (FL)

Reaction Characteristic: 9.7
Vibration Characteristic: 8.3

Ply: 5 ply + 2 Zylon Fiber

Average Weight: 87g

Thickness: ~5.6mm

  • BUTTERFLY LIU SHIWEN ZLF Zylon Inner-Fiber Offensive Table Tennis blade. (OFF)
  • This blade was designed with the corporation from China women star Liu ShiWen.
  • Contains ZL-Fiber, a new techonology and new material which combines both impetus and lightness.
  • Butterfly Innerforce Technology helps you brings out your own innerforce in your play. Innerforce construction enhances playability by providing improved dwell time.
  • Lightweight blades with maximum top spin and control.
  • Made in Japan